MobiQ is a smart mobility brand with a rich history of automotive connectivity know-how, decades of V2X experience, and the proven ability to deliver customized solutions which lead to the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. MobiQ’s goal is to enhance quality of life through improved safety, mobility, and CO2 reduction.

Solving Transportation Challenges
With Smart Mobility Expertise

Cities are experiencing an increased demand for mobility solutions to address the transportation challenges of today and those of the future. MobiQ contributes to the creation of a future society in which people, vehicles, and infrastructure are connected to promote peace of mind through traffic safety for all road users and a carbon neutral, traffic congestion-free environment.

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

75 Years of Success in Automotive Industry

V2X Experts

Gold Standard Customer Support

Cybersecurity Compliance

MobiQ Aims to Harmonize Coordination Between
Vehicles, Infrastructure & Municipal Services

Smart cities use technology to improve efficiency & provide a better quality of life for their residents.

Roadside Unit - RSU

MobiQ’s RSU - PCBA integrates with Traffic Signal Controllers to receive critical messages and communicate with vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists to optimize traffic signals and promote safe and efficient traffic flow.

Onboard Unit - OBU

MobiQ’s OBU is a vehicle-installed hardware device that enables vehicles to communicate with one another and surrounding infrastructure to reduce accident risk and emissions, and improve traffic flow.

Illuminating the Unknowns of the Road Ahead

Smart city technology from MobiQ equips drivers for the unexpected by providing real-time messages about upcoming curves, debris, roundabouts, weather and other issues. By keeping drivers informed, this system keeps traffic moving safely and efficiently.

Bringing Order to the Road Through
Insight and Planning

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